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REPORT: The M-Class to be renamed into GLE-Class starting 2015

It has recently come to our attention that Mercedes-Benz plans to revamp its naming structure for several products that are already sold under a specific title. In fact, we reported on this issue about 1-2 years ago, when we revealed the company's plans to re-align its models based on a logical nomenclature that accounts for the core vehicles of the brand: the A-, B-, C-, E-, G- and S-Class.

The most intriguing part comes right now. Starting with the 2015 generation, which is set to go on sale in April next year, the M-Class will be officially entitled GLE-Class. This name is closer to what the ML really is: a business SUV, developed on the current platform of the E-Class. However, this change could otherwise cause a bit of a confusion, as the M-Class is already a well-established name. Although yet to be confirmed by officials from Stuttgart, this rumor could turn out to be false if we remember that, back in 2010, before the launch of the facelift generation C 216 CL-Class, there was a report indicating the car would receive the S-Class Coupe, which was not the case in the end.

Moving back to our subject, it turns out that the change from the ML moniker to GLE could prove to be true as Mercedes-Benz will also introduce their new SUV Coupe, initially called MLC and then M-Class Coupe. An all new name or an all new model seems just the right move in order to raise public awareness. So, the new-generation W 166 will be entitled as the GLE-Class, whereas the new C 292 will be known as the GLE-Class Coupe.

Further changes in the official nomenclature are set to take place in the next years. Most models of the lineup will receive a new name, as follows:

- the successor of the current X 205 GLK-Class will be known as GLC-Class starting with September 2015, when the X 253 is set for market launch
- the future X 167 GL-Class will be renamed to GLS-Class
- the next R 173 series will become SLC-Class instead of the current SLK
- the future 4-door coupes of Mercedes-Benz will retain the "CL" root in their names and will add the corrresponding letter at the end, as follows: CLA remains as so, CLC will be the four-door coupe of the C-Class, CLE will replace the current CLS, whereas a future 4-door S-Class Coupe is to receive the CLS title
- the new compact city SUV will eventually carry the GLG name, and not GLB as initially rumored

The 2-door and sporty utility coupes will receive the particle "Coupe" alongside the class which they belong to: E-Class Coupe, C-Class Coupe, GLE-Class Coupe, GLC-Class Coupe and so on. The iconic name SL will remain unaffected by the changes, as it carries over a tradition of over 60 years. This particle will further be mated with other letters, as new versions of the current main lineups will be introduced. One of them will be a roadster version of the A-Class, which could be entitled SLA. Other reports indicate that names such as CSA or CSE are also possible, but seem to be highly unlikely, given this new nomenclature scheme.

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