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PREVIEW: The new Mercedes-AMG GT (C 190) gets revealed on September 9th, 2014

Mercedes-Benz has a rich tradition of developing world's most thrilling and exciting premium supercars. The history has it roots back in the 30s and 50s, when the German constructor was an unrivalled contender in the legendary rallies and motorcups of the time. The twice champion of the early Formula 1 fuelled the imagination and broke the technical barriers with the all-time, widely recognized pioneer: the 300 SL models of the W 198 series.

Bearer of the iconic Sport Leicht "SL" particle, it inspired the hypercars of the modern era. The year 2003 brought to streets the SLR McLaren, which featured a V8 engine developing no less than 626 hp and displayed an impressive exterior design with an F1-inspired nose and four-eyed headlights. From 2009, a successor to the C 199 (Coupe) and R 199 (Roadster) generations was presented in the guise of the new SLS AMG - the modern Gullwing. The C 197 (Coupe) model featured the classic shape of the legendary Mercedes-Benz supercars: a long engine hood and a short rear overhang, a centrally-mounted V8 unit rated at 571 hp and the outstanding roof-mounted Gullwing doors reminiscent of the 300 SL of the 1950s.

Starting 2015, Mercedes-Benz will write a new chapter in supercars' compendium with the introduction of the all new Mercedes-AMG GT. Like its predecessor, the new C 190 series has been entirely developed by Mercedes-AMG GmbH division, which announces an outrageous level of performance. However, there is something new about the GT: unlike other models from the past, this new super vehicle will be fully marketed as a stand-alone Mercedes-AMG model. Even though it basically remains a Mercedes-Benz and it will display the three-pointed both outside and inside, the official designation will, for the first time in history, incorporate the name of the brand's performance division headquartered in Affalterbach.

There is more to come. Even though the new GT got rid of the exquisite Gullwing doors, it is not, in any way, inferior to the SLS AMG. The C 190 boasts a newly-developed Aluminium Space Frame chassis, which helps save important kilograms and improve overall acceleration and performance. Moreover, according to select journalists who were able to see the exposed car at a private event held in Mallorca, Spain about three months ago, the new Mercedes-AMG GT is easily one the most, if not the most, beautiful Mercedes-Benz model in the history of the brand.

The car further evolves the classic supercar shape with its lengthy bonnet, but adds extra spiciness with its dramatically-styled raptor headlights with LED technology and the large-sized radiator grille featuring the centrally-positioned Star. The rear end presents us a discretly boot lid-integrated spoiler for added stability, double or quad exhausts depending on the engine variant, newly penned LED lights with an elegant inner design and a generous diffuser.

The heart of the new Mercedes-AMG GT is the newly engineered AMG V8 BITURBO engine with an overall displacement of 4.0 litres. The AMG M178 (see HERE) unit features several technologies which are intended to reduce consumption, deliver an optimized and efficient functioning and offer an unparalleled level of refined performance: twin turbocharging with a 'hot inside' architecture, dry sump lubrication, cylinder bore liners featuring the patented NANOSLIDE® technology, direct injection with spray-guided combustion, cylinder heads made up of zirconium alloy, efficient air/oil/water cooling and ECO start/stop system.

There will be two distinct power stages: 462 hp for the standard AMG GT version and 510 hp for the AMG GT S variant. Both of them will be avaialble right from the launch of the new supercar from Affalterbach. Further models developed on the GT platform are possible, although unconfirmed at the moment: a Black Series GT with near 600 hp, which is more likely to happen, and a roadster GT under the R 190 series, which is less likely.

With 650 Nm of peak output, the high-end AMG GT S will reach 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and boast a maximum speed of 310 km/h (electronically limited). Expect superior figures when the Black Series GT will be premiered towards 2017, but for the time being, it is already better than others manage to offer. The competition will be tough, as Mercedes-Benz intends to aim the GT as a direct opponent of the Porsche 911 with a competitive price around 100,000 euros, enhanced everyday usability and a top level of dynamism and performance.

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