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The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The automotive benchmark in efficiency and comfort

The All New Mercedes-Benz S-Class generation (W/V/X 222): The supreme luxury leader undergoes deep rejuvenation process on all fronts

The current BR222 generation of the all-time trendsetter of the luxury segment has been around since Summer 2013. Right in time for the hot season of 2017, the S-Class receives a thorough facelift which brings in a fresh design and a load of technology, plus the highly-appraised uber premium feel that made this model so successful and attractive to date. The 2017 edition of Auto Shanghai has been chosen as the perfect stage to unleash the new S-Class generation across the three brands of the Star: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG.

The main styling differences from the pre-facelift generation can be seen on all sides of the car and inside as well. The new headlights sport a more appealing and powerful shape, as they also need to accommodate the newly premiered MULTIBEAM LED headlights, which are, for the first time, equipped with the ULTRA RANGE high beam assistant. As a design signature that visually identifies the all new S-Class, the headlights now feature three distinctive LED torches per unit, which border the main headlamp projector on the inner side and upwards.

The revamped radiator grille displays three twin chromed louvres placed horizontally, a feature that was reserved only for the V12 models up to now. In addition, vertical louvres in black, high-sheen lacquer stand behind the main slats. For further differentiation, these are replaced by refined chrome vertical louvres exclusively for the new 12-cylinder powered variants. As in the case of the AMG versions, the MAYBACH lettering is now present on the radiator grille as well to further distinguish the high-luxury models. The front end bumper has been retouched for all variants, from the standard one up to Mercedes-Maybach and going through AMG Line versions and the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ and S 65 performance limousines, thus offering a distinct identity to suit every taste. At the rear end, the powerful chrome diffuser houses the visible exhaust pipes, a visual element to be present on all powering variants. Last, but not least, the new tail lamps boast a crystal clear, jewel-like appearance, putting up an impressive show at night thanks to the star-dust effect of the LEDs.

Inside, the clients of the new S-Class will find the hallmark Mercedes-Benz premium atmosphere thanks to the addition of new colour combinations and types of leather upholstery, like magma grey/espresso brown and silk beige/titanium grey. Worth mentioning novelties are the new, heavily remastered steering wheels, which come in various designs for the Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG brand models. The standard S-Class sports a classic steering wheel which now uses even more metal, the AMG Line model sports a flattened-bottom wheel, the Maybach S-Class will have the “MAYBACH” nameplate engraved onto the classic design steering wheel, whereas the new Mercedes-AMG S-Class models will boast their exclusive designs when it comes to the steering wheel, showcasing both elegance and sheer force.

The reasoning behind this move was not only to add a purely visual exclusivity and to create a unique personality for each S-Class offering. The new steering wheels add increased functionality to the driver, as they premiere a whole new arrangement concept which now gathers all the main controls for DISTRONIC and further assistance and autonomous driving systems together with the handy Touch Control buttons. In this way, the driver of the new S-Class is able to intuitively and efficiently operate all the key systems of the car and the COMAND Online infotainment central without taking his/her hands off the wheel, ensuring further safety and mitigating the risk of distraction.

The control and display concept of the new S-Class is further enriched by the addition of the two high-resolution LED screens, each with an impressive diagonal of 12.3 inches, which, like in the new E-Class, are set to deliver a mindblowing digital experience. The COMAND Online, which also features a revised, more user-friendly interface, can also be controlled using the traditional rotary controller, the touchpad and the buttons surrounding them, all of which are installed on the front centre armrest, or via the enhanced LINGUATRONIC system.

A complete world’s first is the ENERGIZING wellness program, which combines multiple functionalities of the HVAC system, seat climate control, massage options, ambient lighting, perfume diffuser and sound system to deliver a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, in true Mercedes-Benz style. Six individual programmes can be selected from the ENERGIZING system, each tailored to create a specific, singular experience. The system also comes with five predefined soundtracks to partner the available wellness programmes. In addition, if the driver wants, ENERGIZING can also analyze the personal music files stored on the hard-drive of the S-Class and decide the perfect choices to complement the wellness atmosphere. The LED Ambient Lighting is offered in up to 64 different colours and tones and can be programmed to indicate, for a few seconds, if, for example, the temperature goes up or down when the HVAC unit is controlled or to welcome the driver when entering the car. Other special effects can temporarily replace the normal lighting to further enrich the feel-good experience delivered by the ENERGIZING programme. Last, but not least, the brightness of the LED Ambient Lighting can be adjusted as to create the perfect cosy atmosphere for the all the occupants inside the new S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz is using its luxury benchmark model to debut an all new generation of inline-six and V8 powerplants. The return to the traditional I6 (or R6 for “recht sechs” in German) units comes after more than 20 years of absence. Compared to the old V6 engines, the new six-cylinder powerplants impress with the latest technology employed, such as the CAMTRONIC variable valvelift system, cylinder management and deactivation, near-engine exhaust gas after-treatment, double-stage turbocharging and the highly awarded NANOSLIDE cylinder coating which enables perfect thermal insulation. The new I6 engines are superior to the outgoing units in terms of high-end performance, functioning efficiency, overall consumption (up to 7% - 10% less fuel consumed than previous comparable engines) and emissions, in addition to ensuring a far smoother operation and maintenance.

The new S-Class is thus launched with no less than four new engines. The diesel aficionados will be enchanted by the arrival of two new I6 versions, as follows: the new S 350 d 4MATIC with 286 hp and the new S 400 d 4MATIC with 340 hp. Brand new is also the unit that replaces the old 4.7-litre V8 engine. The new M176 V8 powerplant, engineered by Mercedes-AMG, features a total displacement of 4.0 litres, a “hot inner V” configuration and bi-turbocharging. The peak output is 469 hp, while the maximum torque reaches 700 Nm. This new V8 will power the all new S 560 4MATIC model, which is the recently renamed successor of the current S 500 variant. Climbing up the lineup is all Mercedes-AMG business. The level of performance has plummeted since the last S 63 model was launched in 2013. The newly baptized Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ now boasts an all new engine – the AMG M177 4.0-litre V8 BITURBO already seen on the new E 63 variants. In this example, the aggregate is achieving striking figures: a peak output of 612 hp and a staggering torque of 900 Nm. The impressive amount of brute force is chanelled to all four wheels via the new AMG MCT SPEEDSHIFT 9-speed transmission and the performance-tweaked 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive system. For those who enjoy a dose of extra madness and exclusivity, there is always the choice of the mighty S 65 12-cylinder ultimate range-topper. The AMG M279 6.0-litre V12 BITURBO engine is the heart of the beast, producing 630 hp and 1000 Nm. Linked to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed gearbox, it sends all the power to the rear wheels, staying faithful to old school performance and dynamics.

The new S-Class comes fully armed for the next generation of autonomous driving. Extensive developments have been made in all areas as for the S-Class to retain its leadership in this segment. The so-called Driving Assistance Package is a complete array of technological solutions destined to ease the driver’s life, improve on-board security, mitigating the risk of accidents and creating a sustainable self-awareness around the concept of autonomous driving. The DISTRONIC pilot, which has been in production since the arrival of the W 220 S-Class generation, has received numerous enhancements. Now entitled Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, it directly incorporates the Active Speed Limit Assist and can now make speed adjustments based on route navigation.

A dozen of active systems and sensors take care of any movement made by the driver and, if wanted, can take control of the car. The Active Steering Assist combines the Lane Changing assistant and the Emergency Stop Assist. The Active Lane Keeping Assist controls the position of the car and makes sure it does not unsecurely veer off the travelling lane. Another system that works in conjunction with the above mentioned is the Active Blind Spot Assist. The Active Braking Assist comes standard with Pedestrian Detection, Cross-Traffic Function and the Congestion Emergency Braking Function. The Evasive Steering Assist is a clever feature that shall deploy its functionality in emergency situations when the driver needs to quickly avoid an impending obstacle across the road. This system helps the car maintain a normal course without the risk of sliding or entering into a tete-a-queue. The MULTIBEAM LED lighting system premiered on the S-Class features 256 independent, individually controllable LED units per each headlight and it also offers the ULTRA RANGE high beam as standard. The visual field is thus extended to over 650 meters and the light intensity is maintained at values constantly above 1 lux, as required by current safety regulations.

Another impressive technical breakthrough is the Remote Parking Assist, which lets your smartphone transform into the digital car key which controls the vehicle into the parking spot without the presence of the driver behind the steering wheel. This feature is particularly helpful in crammed parking spaces or in garages. The PRE-SAFE PLUS anticipatory system now also packs the PRE-SAFE Sound technology from the new E-Class, that helps protect the ears of the passengers from the defeaning noise of a crash. The Beltbag further enhances the safety of all the occupants and manages to reduce the pressure that the chest must sustain in the occurrence of high frontal decelerations. Last, but certainly not least, the Car-to-X communication infrastructure allows an early detection of potential hazards and sources of danger. It functions as an intelligent anticipatory network of systems that scans the entire road landscape that is ahead of the car, is able to mathematically create various scenarios and choose the most suitable and relevant to the present situation the car is found in. In the future, Car-to-X communication developed by Mercedes-Benz will become even more intelligent and will be the ultimate guiding star of the next generation of autonomous driving technologies.

Back in 2013, Mercedes-Benz launched on the new S-Class a world’s first: the MAGIC BODY CONTROL with ROAD SURFACE SCAN, a system that actively monitors the road ahead and consequently controls the suspensions and dampers of the car as to minimise the effects of road irregularities and offer the highest level of comfort. With the new-generation S-Class, an important step forward as the CURVE function is also offered for the first time on the luxury limousine. When the car is hitting a curve, the body tilts to the inner side of it by 2.65 degrees so that the centrifugal force gets reduced to the minimum possible.

The new S-Class also comes standard with full smartphone integration on the COMAND Online interface and wireless charging thanks to the addition of NFC technology and Qi standard. The Concierge Services is a host of tailored services that enables an enriched experience – from making restaurant reservations up to receiving navigation tips, everything is possible. The high-end Burmester 3D sound system, with a total output of 1520 watts, is further enhanced with three new speakers placed on the overhead control panel and on the sides.

For more exclusive details and pictures with the new generation S-Class, please consult the following press release. Enjoy!


Stuttgart/Shanghai, Germany/China, Apr 18, 2017 - The new S-Class celebrates its world première with extensive innovations at the Auto Shanghai. Among the highlights is an all-new and highly efficient engine range with a series of new technologies for electrification of the powertrain. Intelligent Drive takes another step towards autonomous driving. And the undisputed leader in the premium segment with regard to comfort and wellness sets new standards in the interior. The market launch of the new S-Class starts in the European markets in July.

Several new engines are planned for the new S-Class: in-line six cylinders as diesel and petrol engines as well as a new V-8 biturbo petrol engine. In addition, Mercedes-Benz plans a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of about 50 kilometres. At the same time, ground-breaking technologies such as the 48-volt Integrated Starter Alternator and the electric booster compressor celebrate their world première.

The top-of-the-range model of Mercedes-Benz takes another big step towards autonomous driving and elevates Intelligent Drive to the next level. DISTRONIC Active Proximity Control and Active Steer Assist now provide even more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or junctions.

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps and ULTRA RANGE High Beam turn night into day. ROAD SURFACE SCAN, the forward-looking detection of bumps, and the curve-tilting function CURVE are further unique features of the S-Class in the segment of luxury saloons.

The ENERGIZING comfort control is a world-first entering series production: This optional feature links various comfort systems in the vehicle together, such as climate control, ambience lighting, massage and fragrancing functions, and allows customers to configure a specific wellness set-up to suit their mood or need. This enhances the physical comfort and performance on the road.

"The development of the new S-Class was extremely extensive. With a whole series of new features and functions the S-Class remains the technological pioneer", says Ola Källenius, responsible on the Board of Daimler AG for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.

The flagship from Mercedes-Benz was the best-selling luxury saloon in the world in 2016. Since 2013, the company sold well over 300,000 saloons. Today there are six different S-Class body variants.

Three torches of light as an exclusive exterior design feature

Modern luxury in the new S-Class is manifest in maximum quality of materials and workmanship. Status and technological competence are now even more tangible. All models are fitted with a new radiator grille: The versions with six and eight-cylinder engines sport three twin louvres as well as vertical strips with a high-gloss black finish in the radiator grille. The saloon with long wheelbase and V-12 engine is fitted with additional chrome-finish vertical strips in the radiator grille.

The upgraded front with extensive chrome trim underscores the exceptional status of the Mercedes-Maybach. Also new is the Maybach logotype between the louvres of the radiator grille.

In conjunction with the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps (optional feature, details below), the S-Class features three distinctive torches of light as an exclusive design element. The front bumper with pronounced air intakes and sporty looks is also new.

The new LED lamps with crystal-look tail lamps stand out at the rear. They look like jewels and ensure a characteristic design day and night. A tail lamp light show that plays when the vehicle is unlocked and locked, as well as three horizontal pairs of fibre optics are also new.

All models are fitted with a redesigned lower bumper section with integrated visible tailpipe trim. The tailpipes are framed by a chrome trim element, which spans the entire width of the vehicle. Seven new light-alloy wheels with diameters between 17 and 20 inches are available as standard or options.

Control and display concept with wide-screen cockpit and new generation of steering wheels

The interior of the new S-Class is characterised by the two new high-resolution displays, each with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. Visually, the two displays under one shared glass cover blend into a wide-screen cockpit and as a central element consequently emphasise the horizontal orientation of the interior design.

Like the instrument cluster, this wide-screen cockpit contains a large display with virtual instruments in the direct field of vision of the driver as well as a central display above the centre console. Because the cockpit is fully digital, the driver can choose from three different display styles ("Classic", "Sporty" and "Progressive“) and also configure the information and views relevant to them at will.

The new S-Class has touch-sensitive controls in the steering wheel. They respond to swiping motions like the screen of a smartphone and enable the driver to control the entire infotainment system without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

The infotainment system can also be operated via the touchpad with controller in the centre console and by LINGUATRONIC voice control. The operation of DISTRONIC and cruise control with control elements directly on the steering wheel is another new feature.

Authentic materials and meticulous detail design

High-quality materials define the interior of the S-Class. These include, for example, open-pore woods as well as leather-trimmed doors and upper body edges, dependent on the trim level. Another Mercedes hallmark clearly in evidence is the high-quality look and feel created through meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The material and colour concept has also been carefully composed, and features a wide range of brown tones, including new colour combinations such as magma grey/espresso brown or mahogany brown/silk beige.

Lighting atmosphere with 64 colours

As before, the interior lighting uses only long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology. With 64 colours, the optionally extended ambience lighting offers a wealth of individual settings. It adds lighting highlights, for example, on the trim elements, the central display, the stowage facility at the front of the centre console, the handle recesses, the door pockets, in the front and rear footwells, on the overhead control panel, and on the tweeters when the vehicle is equipped with the Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System.

All S-Class models are fitted as standard with the KEYLESS start function. This also marks the introduction of the new attractive generation of keys, with a high-gloss black or high-gloss white design and different ornamental frames.

World-first: wellness while driving

The ENERGIZING comfort control is a world-first entering series production: This optional feature links various comfort systems in the vehicle together. It systematically uses the functions of the climate control system (including fragrancing) and the seats (heater, ventilation, massage), the wall heating as well as lighting and musical atmospheres, and enables a specific wellness set-up tailored to the mood and need of the customer. This enhances the physical comfort and performance while driving and during a break. ENERGIZING comfort can be experienced in all seats, dependent on the equipment.

These six programmes can be selected:

- Freshness
- Warmth
- Vitality
- Joy
- Comfort
- Training (three trainings – muscle relaxation, muscle activation and balance - each with several exercises)

The programmes all run for ten minutes. They are visualised on the head unit with colour graphics, and backed by suitable music. Five songs are already stored in the programme. The key function in the "Vitality“ programme, for example, is fast music with many beats per minute. The S-Class repertoire therefore features "Feelin' Good" by Leon Riskin, for instance. If personal music selections are available, e.g. via the Media Interface, the system analyses them in the background and assigns them to a programme based on the beats per minute (bpm). Individual functions of the programmes can be deactivated.

ENERGIZING Comfort Control also incorporates the ambience lighting, which is harmoniously tailored to each of the individual screen designs. The light stages the interior like a work of art by composing colour worlds from different colours.

The colour worlds can be temporarily replaced with special effects – for example, a special lighting atmosphere welcomes the driver. In addition, the climate control system indicates whether the temperature is adjusted up or down through the colour of the ambience lighting. The brightness of the LEDs adapts equally variably and can be set in five levels and four zones: wide-screen cockpit, area of front seats, rear compartment, and all. As a result, the ambience lighting harnesses the positive effects of light on the well-being while on the road. This makes this equipment feature a key part of ENERGIZING Comfort Control with its tailor-made programmes.

In addition, the ambience lighting creates emotionally appealing contrasts and structures the interior into levels. 64 colours, ten colour worlds and three different lighting zones (footwells, trim element level and wide-screen cockpit) enable an avant-garde lighting scene with spectacular colour changes.

Powertrain: new engines with landmark technology

Mercedes-Benz S 560 4MATIC (fuel consumption combined: 8.5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 195 g/km) and Mercedes-Maybach S 560 4MATIC (fuel consumption combined: 9.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 209 g/km): The new V-8 comes to the starting line with 345 kW (469 hp) and 700 Nm. The new biturbo engine is among the most economical V-8 petrol engines in the world, and consumes about ten percent less fuel than the predecessor. To lower the fuel consumption, four cylinders of the new V-8 are deactivated simultaneously under partial load with the help of the CAMTRONIC valve-lift adjustment system. This reduces gas-cycle losses and enhances the overall efficiency of the four firing cylinders by shifting the operating point towards higher loads. The turbochargers positioned in the V of the cylinder banks represent another special feature.

Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ (fuel consumption combined: 8.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 203 g/km): For superior performance with significantly reduced fuel consumption, the AMG 4.0-litre V-8 Biturbo engine with cylinder deactivation replaces the previous 5.5-litre V-8 Biturbo. Despite less displacement, the new engine produces 450 kW (612 hp).

Most powerful diesel car in Mercedes-Benz history: In the Mercedes-Benz S 350 d 4MATIC (fuel consumption combined: 5.5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 145 g/km) and S 400 d 4MATIC models (fuel consumption combined: 5.6 l/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 147 g/km), the new in-line six-cylinder diesel engine makes its début. It comes in two output levels with 210 kW (286 hp) and 600 Nm as well as 250 kW (340 hp) and 700 Nm. Even though it has noticeably more power than its predecessor, the new engine consumes over seven percent less fuel. The special traits of the top-of-the-line engine in the diesel family include the stepped-bowl combustion process, two-stage turbocharging and for the first time the use of CAMTRONIC variable valve-lift control. Its design features a combination of aluminium engine block and steel pistons as well as further improved NANOSLIDE® coating of the cylinder walls.

The new six-cylinder diesel engine is designed to comply with future emissions legislation (RDE – Real Driving Emissions). All the components of relevance for efficient emissions reduction are installed directly on the engine. The integrated technology approach combining the new stepped-bowl combustion process, dynamic multi-way exhaust-gas recirculation and near-engine exhaust-gas aftertreatment, for the first time combined with variable valve-lift control, makes further reduced consumption with low emissions possible. Thanks to the near-engine insulated configuration, exhaust-gas aftertreatment has low heat loss and extremely favourable operating conditions.

Technical data at a glance

Further hi-tech engines in the pipeline

In addition to the aforementioned engines, further new power units are planned for the new S-Class: in-line six-cylinder petrol engines as well as a plug-in hybrid with about 50 kilometres of electric range. At the same time, ground-breaking technologies such as the 48-volt Integrated Starter Alternator and the electric booster compressor celebrate their world première.

New in-line six-cylinder petrol engine (M 256): The new in-line six-cylinder petrol engine exemplifies the electrification process and incorporates a 48-volt on-board power supply.

New intelligent forced induction that includes an electric booster compressor, as well as an Integrated Starter Alternator provide outstanding power delivery without turbo lag. The Integrated Starter Alternator is responsible for hybrid functions, such as boost or energy recovery, while allowing fuel savings that were previously reserved for high-voltage hybrid technology. All things considered, the new R-6 engine delivers the performance of an eight-cylinder with significantly lower consumption.

Systematic electrification dispenses with the need for a belt drive for ancillary components at the front of the engine, which reduces its overall length. The slim design, together with the physical separation of intake/exhaust, creates space for near-engine exhaust aftertreatment. The 48-volt on-board power supply serves not only high power consumers, such as the water pump and air-conditioning compressor, but also the Integrated Starter Alternator, which also supplies energy to the battery by means of highly efficient energy recovery. The new in-line six-cylinder comes to the starting line in two output levels.

Upgraded plug-in hybrid powertrain: Thanks to the significantly increased battery capacity of 13.3 kWh, it is intended that the range for all-electric driving will increase to about 50 km. In conjunction with the new Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, the on-board 7.2-kW charger allows much faster charging of the battery.

Intelligent Drive: the next step in driving assistance systems

The new S-Class takes another major step towards autonomous driving, elevating Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive to the next level. DISTRONIC Active Proximity Control and Active Steer Assist now provide even more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or junctions. This is complemented by a considerably improved Active Lane Change Assist and additional functions of the Active Emergency Stop Assist.

Thanks to enhanced camera and radar systems, the new S-Class has an even better view of the surrounding traffic: In addition, for the first time it makes use of map and navigation data to calculate driving behaviour.

This means that DISTRONIC Active Proximity Assist is able to assist the driver in many situations based on the route, and conveniently adjust the vehicle speed.

The "Assistance Graphics" menu of the instrument panel shows the driver at one glance which assistance functions he selected and to what situations the systems are currently responding. Unmistakable icons provide him with information on the screen as well in the head-up display. All functions are now controlled from the steering wheel. The new Driving Assistance package includes but is not limited to the following functions:

DISTRONIC Active Proximity Assist uses substantially more map and navigation data, can support the driver based on the route, and conveniently adjusts the vehicle speed.

Active Steer Assist has been noticeably improved across its entire performance range, resulting in markedly enhanced customer benefits.
Active Lane Change Assist was considerably upgraded. Now tapping the indicator stalk is all it takes to initiate a lane change. This lane change is executed within the next ten seconds and indicated in the instrument cluster with the appropriate visual display, if the vehicle sensor system does not detect any vehicles in the relevant safety zone the driver might have missed.

Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a stop when Active Steer Assist is engaged and the system recognises that the driver is not intervening in the driving process on a sustained basis.

Following vehicles in a tailback: In stop & go traffic on motorways and similar roads, stops of up to 30 seconds are now possible, during which time the S-Class starts moving again automatically and follows the traffic ahead (in conjunction Active Parking Assist).

Traffic Sign Assist: Posted speed limits and any potential no-overtaking signs are displayed for the current section of the route through image recognition and information from the digital road map of the navigation system. The vehicle speed is compared with the speed limit. When the driver selects the appropriate settings, a visual/visual-audible warning signal is issued any time the speed limit is exceeded. No-entry restrictions are also recognised. Furthermore, the system warns of detected persons in the area of pedestrian crossings.

Depending on the respective applicable national road traffic regulations, Remote Parking Assist enables the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle into tight parking spaces or garages by smartphone, so as to facilitate getting in and out. The vehicle can be manoeuvred into parallel and end-on parking spaces in both forward and reverse direction. Manoeuvring out of end-on parking spaces is also possible, e.g. if the driver returns to their vehicle to find that it has been blocked in. In Explore mode, the vehicle can be manoeuvred forward and back for up to 15 metres and can avoid detected obstacles with small steering corrections in the process.

Ride quality: MAGIC BODY CONTROL improved and now with CURVE function

The S-Class made a technological statement of superiority in 2013 with ROAD SURFACE SCAN. The system detects bumps ahead of the vehicle and adjusts the ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension accordingly. In the new S-Class this suspension control is further improved: The stereo camera of the system now scans the road even more thoroughly, even in dusk and at speeds up to 180 km/h. Another comfort enhancement is the CURVE curve-tilting function, available in the S-Class Saloon for the first time. The body tilts to the inside of the turn by up to 2.65 degrees and thereby reduces the centrifugal forces perceived by the passengers.

Long-distance vision: MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with ULTRA RANGE main beams

In 2013, the S-Class became the first automobile to use exclusively LEDs as light sources. The Intelligent Light System is now optionally available with MULTIBEAM LED headlamps and ULTRA RANGE main beams. The ULTRA RANGE main beams produce the maximum light intensity permitted by law, which results in the brightness of the main beams remaining above the reference value of 1 lux over a distance of more than 650 metres. For the driver, this means a clear improvement of the already very good lighting performance of current MULTIBEAM LED systems. Adaptive High-Beam Assist Plus is part of the Intelligent Light System. It allows drivers to drive with activated main beams permanently without dazzling other road users. When there are oncoming vehicles or vehicles in front, the LEDs of the MULTIBEAM LED main-beam modules are partially switched off, masking out a u-shaped area of the light beam. The other areas of the road continue to be illuminated with the high beam (partial high beam).

Wireless charging of smartphones and new Concierge Service

The new infotainment generation also expands the telephony options: With the help of near-field communication, the smartphone transforms into the digital vehicle key and the controller for parking (see above).

Mobile phones can be charged as standard wirelessly and without a telephone holder. In addition, Multifunction Telephony (optional feature) allows connecting mobile phones with the vehicle's exterior aerial. Wireless charging works with all mobile devices that support or can be retrofitted to support the Qi standard. The charging pad is integrated into the stowage compartment at the front of the centre console. Wireless charging is optionally also available in the centre console in the rear.

The "Business Telephony in the Rear" equipment feature was expanded with additional functions such as connecting a second mobile phone and transferring calls between front and rear passengers. The Bluetooth handset was also redesigned.

Front and rear passengers now have more text messaging options. They can now receive, send, forward and use voice-to-text to dictate text messages. Telephone numbers from text messages and embedded URLs can be used for further actions. The messages are also displayed as pop-ups on the right half of the wide-screen cockpit. Another new feature is the notification by text message if the vehicle is involved in a parking dent. The sensors of the vehicle detect such a situation and trigger a text message being sent to a preset mobile number.

The Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound system with a system output of 1520 watts was expanded with a speaker in the overhead control panel and two speakers in the sides.

The new Concierge Service puts a host of individual services at the disposal of Mercedes me connect customers: from making restaurant reservations and obtaining tips about tourist routes, to gathering information on cultural or sporting events and sending navigation destinations directly to the vehicle. Registered users can establish a telephone connection to the Concierge Service in the preset language in 20 countries throughout Europe by pressing the 'Info' button on the overhead control panel or via the Mercedes me App. The personal concierge takes care of everything else.

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